ChatnLunch is a groundbreaking addition to the matchmaking and dating services and agencies in South Korea and Thailand with a track record of more than 80% success rate since its conception, it is the leading matchmaking service in all of Asia.

Our matchmaker team is dedicated to bringing together quality and safe individuals from all over Thailand and Korea. It loves what it does – and that is what makes it so good at it! Introducing new people and matchmaking is not only our hobby, it is our passion. We understand how frustrating swiping away on a screen for hours in search of THE ONE can be. This is why our professional matchmakers do all the work so you can go out and have true experiences!
 ChatnLunch is not just another online dating website. We provide real experiences with real people who are just right for you!

 With thousands of Thai and Korean singles registered with ChatnLunch’s premium matchmaking and dating services – your chances at finding true love are higher than ever before!

 ChatnLunch holds your desire for privacy in very high regard. Forget about the shame of getting discovered on a dating website by your friends and family. ChatnLunch provides discreet and private matchmaking service without putting your personal information up for the world to see! Your set up remains limited to you, your partner, and your professional matchmaker!
 We find you exactly what you want in a partner! You can openly tell our matchmaker what you are looking for, and, without judgement, our matchmakers will introduce you to genuine and safe individuals you are most likely to have chemistry with.

 ChatnLunch only accepts members who are truly looking for a meaningful and long term relationship – preferably ending in marriage. Forget worrying about miscommunication and dates being a casual hookup. We can guarantee that your match wants the same from a relationship as you do!
Meet our matchmakers
Schedule a free meeting with our professional matchmakers and tell them what you have been looking for
Background check
ChatnLunch runs a strict background check on all its new clients to ensure the safety of the existing clients. You will be required to produce multiple documents to verify your identity, educational status, and relationship status.
Find a match
Based on what you are looking for, our professional and capable matchmakers will find you an individual that is most compatible with you
Schedule the date
At a time and place of convenience of both the parties involved, ChatnLunch will assist you in scheduling the date of a lifetime
Making arrangements
ChatnLunch makes all the arrangements, so you do not have to worry about them! All you have to do is show up at the location and have the time of your life!
Tell us about your experience
After every date (successful or unsuccessful), we encourage our clients to tell us about their experience. This helps us in improving the standard of our services and making them more personalized for you!