ChatnLunch Frequently Asked Questions

A. ChatnLunch is not just another online dating service. It is more personal and more intimate than any other matchmaking or dating service available in the market today. We take into considerations all aspects and requirements of a client and carefully craft a match that we believe will develop into something more.

B. Today, ChatnLunch Matchmaking and Dating services agency is one of the only few matchmaking services that take into consideration the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person. We ask these personal questions and make it known to any prospective matches – successfully cutting down on the number of unpleasant surprises you are likely to get down the road.

C. ChatnLunch will carefully scan the applicant’s information for any red flags and does not include any member with a serious physical or mental illness as a premium client.

D. ChatnLunch Matching has been collaborating with some of the leading premium matchmaking and dating services agencies in Asia – successfully connecting quality Thai and Korean singles for a happy ever after.

E. ChatnLunch does all the work so you do not have to. Based on the detailed information we collect from our clients, our qualified and experienced team of matchmakers’ hand pick the matches that are most suitable for you. We plan the date, the time, and the location. All you have to do is show up and take it from there.

ChatnLunch puts great emphasis on running appropriate background checks on all the interested parties before accepting them into our program. We care about the safety of our customers just as much as they do. This is why ChatnLunch will deny access to any party that shows any red flags or cannot provide the required information. With ChatnLunch, you can rest assured that you will be meeting new people and dating safely.

The team at ChatnLunch will ask you to produce a number of important documents that can be used to personally identify you. These can include, but are not limited to, your national ID, a valid passport, documents that confirm your education and qualification, your pay roll slip or bank book, a divorce certificate (if applicable), a proof of income, and a credit check statement.

However, we understand that some people may not have many of these documents mentioned above. If you find yourself in this category, feel free to get in touch with ChatnLunch customer relations team and we can find another way to carry out your background check.

ChatnLunch is all about connecting quality singles in Thailand and Korea. To keep our success rate high and to maintain the quality of our matches, we have strict eligibility criteria for all those who are interested in our premium matchmaking and dating services membership. Failure to fall into these criteria may lead to rejection of your application. However, if you are still interested to be a part of our program, get in touch with our matchmaking team. The acceptance of your application will be subject to a final approval by our team.

The eligibility criteria for the ChatnLunch Matchmaking and Dating services membership is as follows:

a.  You must be 20 years of age or older.

b.  Your relationship status must be single. If you are divorced, you will be required to produce a divorce certificate.

c.  You should have no serious physical or mental illness.

d.  You must be employed at the time of the registration.

e.  You should not be bankrupt at the time of the registration.

f.  You should not be convicted of any crime at the time of the registration.

ChatnLunch works in a very organized and systematic way. When you first sign up with ChatnLunch, you will be required to go through a series of carefully formulated steps to confirm your membership.

First, you will be subject to an initial interview. This interview will most likely take over the phone and serves to help us assess if we can be of assistance to you. We will listen and consider your requirements in a partner and determine whether we can provide you with what you are looking for.

In the event that we believe that you can advantage from our services, our team will work out a subscription plan to you. This subscription plan is highly personalized according to what you are looking for in a partner and what you have to offer. If the subscription plan we formulate appeals to you, you will be invited to our office.

At our office you will be required to complete the application process. You will sign all the legal documents and be enrolled in our premium matchmaking program.

When it comes to the fees, with ChatnLunch you get what you pay for. After an initial interview with you, our matchmaking team will carefully consider all the factors involved and formulate a subscription plan for you. This subscription plan is highly personalized according to what you are looking for in a partner and what you have to offer. Hence, the more your requirements are, the higher you will be expected to pay.

*** Our Matchmaking Service Package Fee "starts" from 200,000KRW for Single Database Membership and “starts” from 850,000KRW for Package Membership.

ChatnLunch believes in making the whole matchmaking process as convenient for the consumer as possible. We hold customer satisfaction in high regard and are always striving to improve your experience with our premium matchmaking and dating services. Hence, we ensure that we provide a number of ways through which consumers can clear their dues towards us.

Our Matchmaking Service Package Fee can be paid through these methods.

a.  Bank transfer

b.  All kinds of credit cards

c.  Debit card

d.  Cash

Once you have completed the registration process with our ChatnLunch Matchmaker, the rest is a smooth drive on a highway. You will be asked to produce a number of documents that can be used to personally identify you and confirm your educational background. This step is intended to help us run a thorough background check on all our clients. You are asked to complete this step within 3 months of registering yourself.

After we have received scanned copies of the required documents via email, our team will run a background check on you. This can take from 5 to 7 days to achieve.

Just like any other matchmaking and dating service in the world, ChatnLunch cannot guarantee a success rate of a 100%. In fact, any dating site that does claim to guarantee this is obviously lying. The success of a match greatly depends on each individual – and nobody can force chemistry where it does not exist.

However, thanks to our thorough background checks and vetting of all the applicants, our database solely consists of those quality singles that are genuinely interested in building a long term relationship – preferably ending in marriage. This ups our success rates by a huge margin. On an average, 80% of our registered users will end up in a happy relationship by the end of their subscription.

ChatnLunch holds the users’ desire to privacy in extremely high regard. It does not believe in trading, sharing, disclosing, selling, or otherwise making a client’s personal information available to the world at large. Any information that you provide to ChatnLunch will only be used for the declared purposes – that is, finding suitable matches for the clients and improving the users’ experience with our services.

Furthermore, ChatnLunch requires all its clients to sign a non disclosure agreement. This is to make sure that any information that the company makes available to you about your prospective partner will not be made public, or disclosed to a third party. A failure to comply with this agreement can result in severe repercussions.

Please feel free to write to ny@chatnlunch.com with full details of your concern. Or call us 1661-4123 (Domestic call only)