What do we do?
ChatnLunch provides the best Matchmaking and Dating Service, helping eligible professionals who have been successful in their careers. The concept of finding a matchmaker was not there among Thai and Korean people. But this concept has really been spread far and wide in Thailand and South Korea. Our purpose is to help confront new people of your match. As it is an Offline Matchmaking & Dating Service. It starts with matchmakers getting to know other people, chatting and having lunch or dinner with them. However, we invite Thai and Korean people to be part of our matchmaking site and let you give the chance of getting a perfect partner for the whole life. Keep in mind that the lunch clients can represent many different professions, and career or various life stages.
Why choose us?
We will provide our clients with every possibility which can be done for them. You can have a face to face talk with your ideal. If you do not get satisfied with what you really wanted, we will help you get it immediately. It is better if the person tells everything honestly so that it can be easy for us to meet your choice. Our basic aim is to let everything go smooth and without any kind of problems. All the information regarding the client is saved within our employees. We make sure that we do not let our customer’s satisfaction down and also help you with any kind of difficulty. We also assure your information is safe.
What do we offer?
Our Main purpose is to help our clients find love through meaningful connections. Our big goal is to let many individuals get a perfect life partner. We will keep you stay positive and provide you tips regarding everything. We will never let our customers down and help them to cope up with whatever tips they lack. You can have a friendly environment. We provide you many options and opportunities that may suit your choice. We will fully support you and help single professionals find lunch over a single lunch date. 
Meet our matchmakers
Schedule a free meeting with our professional matchmakers and tell them what you have been looking for
Background check
ChatnLunch runs a strict background check on all its new clients to ensure the safety of the existing clients. You will be required to produce multiple documents to verify your identity, educational status, and relationship status.
Find a match
Based on what you are looking for, our professional and capable matchmakers will find you an individual that is most compatible with you
Schedule the date
At a time and place of convenience of both the parties involved, ChatnLunch will assist you in scheduling the date of a lifetime
Making arrangements
ChatnLunch makes all the arrangements, so you do not have to worry about them! All you have to do is show up at the location and have the time of your life!
Tell us about your experience
After every date (successful or unsuccessful), we encourage our clients to tell us about their experience. This helps us in improving the standard of our services and making them more personalized for you!