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We give utmost respect to your desire for privacy. We do not share or condone sharing, trading, or using the information you provide for any other use without your knowledge. We guarantee that the personal information you provide to us will not fall into the wrong hands or be traded with any other organization. When you visit and use this website, you are consenting to the terms and conditions described in this privacy policy and our terms of service agreement.

Type of Information That We Require    
To sign up with, basic personal details such as your full name, contact details, age and gender are required. We promise to not trade or disclose this information unless we have received your express permission to do so. However, this information may be shared with our sister and parent companies and businesses, the firms affiliated with us, and any legal entities with whom we share a common corporate control. Even so, anyone with whom your personal details are shared must agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated in this privacy policy with respect to sharing of your information and respecting your privacy. We also have the freedom to share any provided information should the law require us to do so, or if we believe that it may benefit any legal process. We may disclose your information under a warrant, to answer a subpoena, or in answer to any other legal process of such nature.

Other than the information you share with us to become a part of, we may also collect further information that does not personally identify you to provide you and our other users with a better user experience. This information can include the date and time that you access our website, and the browser you are using. This data is solely collected to assess and enhance performance.

Further information that is not personally identifiable may be collected to help us maintain unambiguous accounts, and to aid us in targeted marketing of our products and services. For example, we may recognize the username you use and the pages you visit on our website. Every once in a while, this information collected aggregately may be shared with trusted and recognized third parties as statistical data (that does not identify you personally) with the intention of improving the services provided by

We assemble any information that you consent to us through our sign up pages, competitions, and surveys. However, this information is not used for any purpose other than to improve the services and user experience at The surveys hosted by are completely private. They are not shared, traded, exchanged, volunteered to, sold, rented, or passed on to any third parties without your knowledge and express consent to do so. will collaborate with reputable third parties from time to time to bring you a number of offers, competitions, and giveaways. However, we make it a point that any third party clearly states and hyperlinks their privacy policy to the registration page of that endeavour.

We also require any third parties that we form relationships with to clearly state the terms and conditions of the offer or subscription. We advise all our users to take the time to read that document carefully, and to recognize that it is your personal choice should you make your personal information available to the third party. The details that you disclose to the third party are not mandatory to share, but strictly voluntary.

We take utmost care to respect the privacy of our users when collaborating with any third party. We have strict conditions regarding our privacy policy for any third party organizations, and do not make our users’ personal information that may identify them available to any organization – without a guarantee that our users’ privacy will be respected.

Your Email Address

When you first sign up with, we require your valid email address to complete the registration process. Your email address may be used in the future for all purposes that you have provided it. In addition to this, this piece of information may also be used to contact our users if need be, respond to their queries and feedback about our services, answer any information that you request, or to confirm that we have received the emails that you have sent to us.

Your Profile 
We only record and publish post information that you provide directly to us as part of the service. All information you provide when posting a personal profile will be accessible by anyone accessing the Internet. All areas relating to what information is publicly viewable will be clearly stated on our site. You have the option at any time to remove this information from the site. At no time will any personal contact information be disclosed to any member or persons.

Disclosing your personal information
We assure you that will never make any personal information public to any entity or organization without your full and express consent. The users of our services online automatically agree to the disclosure of any personal details and personally identifiable information to any other registered user of this website. When participating in our services, you must understand that your information may be made available to other people participating. 

Protecting your Personal Information holds your right to privacy in high regard. This is why we use advanced technology to ensure that any confidential and classified information does not fall into the wrong hands. At our headquarters, the latest technology is employed to guarantee that your information is safe and may not be used for inappropriate practices or any other unauthorized use. We advise all our users to protect their personal profiles on our website with a unique and strong password. This password can be used to access any details that you have provided to us, and to edit, add or delete any information on your personal profile. Your password is classified and encrypted to prevent any entity from hacking into your account.

Unsolicited commercial and marketing e-mails does not believe in spamming its users with unsolicited marketing emails. You have the authority and the option to opt out of any marketing emails, offers, or subscriptions by at any time during your registration with us. Receiving of any marketing and advertising emails is completely voluntary and your personal choice. If you want to opt out of receiving such emails at any time after you have consented to receiving them, you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe option on any one of our commercial emails. Emailing us that you no longer want to receive any commercial emails will also function. will always respect your preferences and abide by your wishes.

From time to time, may send promotional emails to its registered users – making them aware of any new development, limited time offers, or subscriptions. In each of these emails, you will be able to easily locate an unsubscribe option. Should you choose to click it, we will know not to send you the likes of such promotional content in the future.

Authorized Use of the Site and Services
For a person to become a registered user with, he or she must be 20 years old or older. We do not target our services to children. Neither do we knowingly entertain a child’s profile on our website, without explicit parental consent.

Type of information we make public   
As stated earlier, may share aggregate statistical information about the use of the website, sales, navigation patterns, and other such information with trusted and reputable third parties every once in a while. The information disclosed will not be of a nature that can personally identify a user. The intention behind this sharing of information is to enhance the user’s experience with and to improve our services.

We make use of cookies to track your activity on our site. This will identify the device you use to our servers whenever you visit our site and are intended to improve your experience with us. To be able to access and use our website, you must consent to this and enable the cookies on your browser.